Abstract Miyamoto Yurikos Schriften zur japanischen Nachkriegsliteratur

Besides numerous novels the leftiest writer Miyamoto Yuriko left a great amount of essays, in which she articulated her opinions to time-relevant issues such as communism, Russia, women’s libe­ration, and further political and social matters. A question which concerned her in particular, was that of the role and function of postwar literature. After the war, with the establishment of a democratic society, Japanese authors were confron­ted with the demand of writing democratic literature, which consequently led to intel­lectual debates about the meaning and content of such literature. Miyamoto Yuriko, being one of the main promoters of the Japanese democratic literature movement, dealt with this subject in numerous essays. This article examines Miyamoto’s theoretical writings about postwar literature taking into consideration its definition, purpose, spo­kesmen, problems, challenges and achievements as well as its role in the literature of women writers.