Abstract Fiktivität und Fiktionalität im ‘Izumi Shikibu nikki’

Classical Japanese court diaries (nikki bungaku) constitute an interesting research topic for narratological investigations as they subsume works which differ considerably regarding plot
structure, time conceptions and voice of the narrator. Among the female court diaries (joryû nikki),
the Izumi Shikibu nikki (Diary of Izumi Shikibu) constitutes a particularly interesting field of
research as literary specialists disagree on authorship, genre and degree of fictionality of the
œuvre. By applying a systematic frame which – according to the distinction between “story”
(histoire) and “discourse” (discours) in narrotological theories – differentiates typologically
between “fictivity” (referring to the content level) and “fictionality” (referring to the text level),
this paper aims at investigating the problem of fictivity/fictionality of the Izumi Shikibu nikki by
means of the methodological approach of “structural narratology”.